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The purpose of Impulse Control is to make a demonstration of structural response in video games. A 2D structure is created, and impacted by a projectile. The structures consist of beams, frames or trusses and their behavior is incorporated into the objectives of the game. The purpose of this document is to outline the 2D mobile game’s design for an enjoyable user experience.

The primary features which make Impulse Control special are: Accurate and reliable modeling, its Extensibility to larger applications, implementation of Personality Characteristics and Rewarding choices that require a second thought, or deviation from instincts. The secondary features which apply to the 2D mobile game are: Fun to play, Variety in goals, and A thought-provoking experience.

Impulse Control calls on the player to solve a series of interesting problems, taking into account their natural tendencies and rewarding modifications to their natural inclinations to achieve an objective. The beginning of the game consists of an introduction to the Warden of POLAR labs. The Warden asks the player a series of questions with 4 answers each. Each answer is correlated to a personality type of Fire, Air, Earth or Water and the player is assigned an element type based on their responses. The objective within the world of POLAR labs is to unify earth, water, air and fire through a series of trials. The world is divided into those four themes. The problems in each level consist of decomposing a structure using a variety of approaches. Clear each level by achieving the following objective: Destroy all enemies. The enemies take the form of various incarnated temptations such as donuts, dice, soda etc.

The enemies can be destroyed by: Colliding the projectile directly, Collapsing the structure by repetitive impact, Sliding the enemy off of the structure, Collapsing the structure by excessive force. As enemies are destroyed, the player earns points. The points are not spent, and in a future version perhaps they unlock increasingly difficult levels and more powerful abilities.

Impulse Control is special because it combines realistic structural modeling and psychological evaluation. It will create a special experience for the player because they are not accustomed to seeing realistic structural responses in other games. I hope you will find it to be rewarding to destroy a structure that is rigidly connected like a real building not just blocks toppling over one another. I hope that the demonstration of this modeling technique will allow you and other players and developers to see the potential applications for accurate structural modeling and response in video games. The structures are procedurally generated by code which makes building 80 unique levels feasible. The name Impulse Control refers to response of base-isolated structures to earthquakes.

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