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“To become a better you, remember to be grateful to have contributed to making you who you are today.”  - Israelmore Ayivor

In the middle of a job interview, you ask the interviewer about the pen-holder made of volcanic rock on their desk. This turns into a half-hour conversation about plate tectonics in Hawaii and a string of vacation tales from the big island honeymoon you took last year. You almost derailed your chance to get hired, but the interviewer got such a good feeling from you, and was so impressed with your track record as a team player, that you got hired.

On the weekends, you go to plays, live concerts, book readings, and even find time to cram in a real estate meetup you found online. You get your energy from being out and about, mixing, doing something with people, seeing the good in them and letting them know what you like about them. This is going to win you a lot of friends. A note of caution, however: you’re going to promise a lot to the people in your life. Keep track of these promises, because the people are going to notice if you don’t deliver.

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