Major: Water, Minor: Earth – Researcher

“The common facts of today are the products of yesterday’s research.”  - Wernher von Braun

Your co-workers voted your holiday party karaoke performance as the “cringe moment of the year.” It was a miracle you even allowed your cubicle buddy to drag you up on stage by the arm. He later reviewed your singing style as “flat, emotionless, sort of like you were reading an instruction manual for a toaster.” Don’t worry, it means nothing. The flamboyant life is just not your thing.

Trust yourself. Those same co-workers will come to you for advice when they don’t trust their own thinking. You’re a proven finisher on the job and at home, completing projects with a buttoned-up, airtight thoroughness that others can’t match. You excel at calmly reasoning your way through problems that make others overreact and implode. Take comfort in those multiple computer monitors you’re staring at. Graphs, spreadsheets, and analytical charts are the proving ground for your ideas. Just make sure you step away from reason here and there and express your heartfelt emotions to those you care about. It’ll be a challenge, but you need to keep working at it.

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