Major: Fire, Minor: Earth – Executive

“Tradition is not the worship of ashes, but the preservation of fire.” - Gustav Mahler

You’re on vacation in a foreign country with a few of your friends. While you’re all sipping coffee and trying to plan activities for the day, someone says “let’s just wing it.” You cringe, and grip the handle of your coffee cup til your knuckles turn white. Unstructured time is not your thing. After a pause to calm yourself, you ask for everyone’s attention, put down your coffee, and lay out an hour-by-hour plan to hit all the traditional tourist spots. A couple people groan, but you persist! You just might be an executive.

Green hair and nose rings make you grit your teeth. Curb that judgment. It takes all types to make society fulfilling and well-rounded. While you thrive on structure and order, make room for people whose heads are in the clouds, who need to express themselves with wild, fringe behavior.

Celebrate your ability to use that conservative, traditional mindset to help your employer and co-workers flourish, throughout your career. You’re a finisher, and not afraid of hard work. These traits will reward your bank account the rest of your life. Just be sure to relax when you get home, and really try to share those emotions with your partner once in a while. It’ll be difficult, but rewarding.

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