Major: Fire, Minor: Water – Entrepreneur

“Your margin is my opportunity.” – Jeff Bezos

Are you the one who convinces everyone at the dinner party to swan-dive into an ice-cold lake for dessert? Are you first to the top of the climbing wall at your local gym, directing the timid people below you, showing them the quickest path upward? Maybe you’re the person who noticed the inefficient ordering system at your favorite restaurant, and immediately pitched the manager your idea to speed things up. You could be an entrepreneur.

Challenging yourself and others to reach new heights and hit goals comes easy for you! Keep exploring, trying new things, and becoming a better leader. Create the world you want to live in, it’s a benefit for all of us.

Here’s where you might need a little work: pump the brakes here and there, and consider other peoples’ feelings. With your no-nonsense, high-energy approach, you might flatten some innocent people inadvertently. You might barrel through life like a race car weaving through traffic on the highway, cutting people off and scaring them to death. We all need your energy, but when it comes to close relationships, slow it down. Take some time to put yourself in others’ shoes. It’ll be a challenge, but you’ll gain lifelong happiness and satisfaction if you can do it.

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